From business promotion to music video, I strive to work as closely as possible with my clients to create work that not only matches any standards or requirements they have, but represents their company or organisation in the best way possible.

Greatly experienced in promotional video, I am always eager to get as involved as possible in the creative process of designing your video, from overall style and theme to the minor details. 

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Fraser has not only got talent , he listens and understands client needs and always delivers exactly what's asked of him

His video work is stunning

I cannot recommend him highly enough !

—  Name, Title

— Gayle Mcneill, Social Media Coordinator

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"GHS CREATE" Opening Short 

"Stageworx" Promotional Video 

"Macbeth" Trailer

"Malawi 2018" Promotional Video 

"Movies 2 Musicals" Promotional Video 

"Glasgow Philharmonia Does Variety" Promotional Video 

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Glasgow, Scotland


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